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All of our dealers have a demo bike available for demonstration at all times. Find the complete list of dealers on the page ‘Find store'.
Width: 90 cm
Length: 229 cm
Height: 109 cm
Weight: 47 kg (incl. battery and SRAM NX rear wheel)
Find all tech specs on the page ‘Tech Specs'
The MK1-E maximum load is a total of 180 kg. The maximum load in the front box is 100 kg.However, we recommend to always keep a balance between the driver's weight and the weight in the box.
Find all tech specs on the page ‘Tech Specs'.
Front tires:
20 x 2.15 (max 2.35 - min 1.35)
Schwalbe Big Ben. Recommended tire pressure: 3,5 bars
Rear tire:
26 x 2.15 (max 2.35 - min 1.35)
Schwalbe Big Ben. Recommended tire pressure: 3,5 bars
Up to 4 kids can be seated and secured in the box if you use two child packs. There is two sets of seat belts for each child pack.
Yes. If you have a car seat for your baby/infant with an ISOFIX base, this is easily clicked into the brackets included inside the box. If your baby is over 3-4 months old, you can also consider installing the Weber baby seat, which allows for an older sibling to be seated next to inside the box. Be careful riding with your baby because he/she is not so strong yet.
Yes, it is possible to change your older box to the new model from 2017 and get the modular advantages the 2017 box has. Please contact your local dealer for more information.
You can choose between two gear options based on your needs.
1. Sram NX 1x11 derailleur gear is an external gear solution with 11 gears. It's perfect if you ride in hilly areas.
2. Nuvinci N380 & Gates CDX belt drive is an internal gear system with infinity gears. It's perfect for an urban lifestyle and will be the closest you get to a maintenance free setup. You can upgrade the Nuvinci N380 to an automatic gear solution, the Harmony H-Sync. Find more details about the Nuvinci gear system by clicking this link.
It's powerful, reliable and great - we believe it's the best on the market. Find all details about the battery, motor and display on the ‘Features’ page.
Yes, you can. The frame has mounting holes for a frame lock. We recommend you combine it with a strong chain (Like the ABUS Citychain 1060, 170cm) and lock the bike through the frame and rear wheel to a fixed position.
Yes, for sure. You can choose between a hood with skyview, a flat cover or a parking cover. See the complete list of MK1-E accessories on the ‘Accessories' page.
In Denmark you can rent the MK1-E at Copenhagen Bicycles. Please contact your local dealer for information about renting.
Follow the link to know more about your payment options.In Denmark you can make a finance through SPAREXPRES.Please contact your local dealer about your finance options.
This will vary from dealer to dealer. Some dealers have the MK1-E in stock. Please contact your local dealer for further information on the actual delivery time.
We recommend a service check within the first 3 months after purchase. After that we recommend a service check every 6 months or after every 1000 km.
In order to book a service for your bike please contact your local dealer. If you want to book a service in Copenhagen, please follow the service link at the bottom of the page.
There is a two-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects for the frame and components. This is not valid for parts subject to daily wear and tear, such as tires, tubes, and chain. Damage resulting from misuse, violence, and normal wear and tear is not covered. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and does not cover labour cost to replace any replacement part.