Accessories for the MK1-E cargo bike

Automatic gears - eShift with NuVinci

NuVinci H-Sync

Automatic gears on your MK1-E works great and lets you enjoy the ride even more. This level of eBike integration has never before been possible. Don’t worry about finding the right gear. Simply adjust the desired cadence through your Bosch eBike system and let the H|Sync do the shifting for you. Going fast or slow, uphill or downhill your pedaling pace will remain the same. Cadence preselection (30-80 rpm) will take place via the Bosch controller and will be displayed on the Bosch Intuvia display. Once set, the H|Sync system will automatically maintain the selected cadence independent of the motor, the input power from the cyclist, and the topography of the route. At a stop (e.g. on a traffic light), the system will automatically choose a proper gear for subsequent easy and energy-saving acceleration. The shifting operation will feel smooth and seamless, even under full load.

Child Seat for Two

Safe, comfortable and easy to use
The Child Seat for Two is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety for kids from approx. 1- 6 years old. With comfortable rainproof cushions and 5-point seat belts, your kids will be safely positioned in the cargo box.

Supernova Lights

Supernova E3 lights
When you need to light up the streets, nothing beats the Supernova lights. Turn on the lights from the Intuvia display and even the darkest street is lit up. This powerful light system is street legal in all of EU and is connected to the Bosch eBike battery. Powerfull and bright front and rear lights (2x V521s front and 1x E3 rear).

Hood with Skyview

Water-repellent canopy for weather protection with large Skyview windows

Full Bike Cover

If you want to take extra good care of your MK1-E we recommend the Parking Cover. Water-repellent softcover for parking. An elastic puller runs along the edge enabling a tight and smooth fit. Comes in a handy sack pack for easy storage.

Flat Cover for Box

For the dry season, when all you need is a cover for the box. Roll the center part back and secure it with the elastic band and your kids can step right in. Water-repellent softcover for easy closing of the box