Changing your morning routine

Did you know that ditching your car for a bike ride to work can help cut your morning stress? Here is a typical morning routine for a Copenhagen based family with a MK1-E, who drops of the kids in style. Faster, more fun and way more satisfying than a stressful car ride.

Take the long way home on the MK1-E

The MK1-E is more than the ultimate urban tool. It is also all about taking the long way home just for the fun of it. And best of all - the kids are loving it!

Julie is 8 months pregnant and rides 30 km every day

“This is my car now,” says Julie. She is 8 months pregnant and uses her MK1-E to and from work every day. Listen to her explain how the MK1-E has changed her life and why she chose to replace the family car with the MK1-E.